You could lose ALL of your money investing in this product.

This product is a High Risk Investment and is much riskier than a savings account.

Who are we?


We live in a crazy financial world. Since the crash of 2007-08 we have suffered almost limitless quantitative easing, ZIRP (zero-interest rate policy) and NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy); giving us historically low interest rates. The fact that some institutions were investing to willingly lose money through negative interest rates just shows how crazy things have really become in the financial world. It is envisaged that this rather gloomy scenario is unlikely to change much over the next few years. This has achieved nothing apart from generate huge asset price bubbles for the 1% of the world that own those assets. Everyday investors have been left to search for yield in a world of ever decreasing returns. Then throw in the political back drop of the Brexit vote and US election of 2016 and the whole world appears in turmoil. It is this backdrop that has led to the foundation of William Marshal plc. Despite the lack of yield for investors in the world generally there are still many fundamentally sound growth and income opportunities for investors; they are just not readily available or easily sourced as an individual, or even institutional, investor. This sentiment is at the heart and core of the raison d’etre for William Marshal plc.

It is our aim to provide investors with both long term capital growth through share price increase and income in the form of dividends. In short William Marshal plc was founded to provide investors with a vehicle to access some great investment opportunities that they wouldn’t necessarily come across. In simple terms the overarching investment strategy is nothing new; a focus on buying good businesses for the long term at below book value. The overall strategy will be two-fold. William Marshal plc will take advantage of private placement opportunities, procuring shares in companies at pre-IPO stage to build in inherent long term value, dividends and capital growth. In addition to this, William Marshal plc will invest into Private Equity opportunities with a Real Estate & Property flavour.The share capital of William Marshal plc will be used to pursue this aim.

Utilising existing connections in the City of London and around the globe William Marshal plc will take advantage of investment opportunities presented by early stage companies planning a stock exchange listing within a 24-36 month period from investment. We are sector agnostic and will look at companies that are fundamentally sound financially, can demonstrate excellent management and demonstrate a long term plan in their chosen market for investors.